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Melissa Essential Oil, 100% Pure Natural



fresh, cool, morning, toning, sweet, reminds lemon flavor with floral notes, explosive, impulsive, sharp, concentrated.

Melissa essential oil (Melissa indica) is obtained by using method of steam distillation from blend of aerial parts of  herbaceous plants -  Garden balm (Melissa officinalis L.) of Lamiaceae family and Ground lemon/ Lemongrass  (Cymbopogon citratus)   of Gramineae family.  

Recommended for treatment: 

overload, asthenia, apathy, nervous exhaustion, fears; depression, neurasthenia, hysteria; in giddiness, headache, migraine, spasms of brain vessels; for memory improvement, concentration of attention, clarity of mind; for overcoming attraction to alcohol, smoking, drug addiction; vegeto-vascular dystonias of hypertensive and cardial types, on initial stages of essential hypertension; in cardioneurosis, abnormalities of the heart rate, stenocardia; varix dilatation, trombophlebitis, haemorrhoids; in obliterating endarteritis; for strengthening capillaries in microangiopathy, in spasms of extremities vessels, in lymphatic outflow disturbance, elephantiasis; toincrease immune system activity; viral respiratory infections, flu, herpes, febrilily; in  tracheitis, bronchitis; oral cavity diseases: stomatitis, gingivitis, parodontosis; for reducing appetite; rheumatism, arthralgias, arthritis (rheumatoid, gouty, metabolic); in myositis, muscular pains, in injuries, sprain of ligaments and tendons, for rejuvenation and relieving of muscles weariness after physical activity; painful and poor menstruations, in premenstrual syndrome; to increase lactation; for recovery flexibility of combined and oily skin, for reduction of secretion of sudoriferous and sebaceous glands, in sweating of feet and hands; for strengthening and stimulation of hair growth, for dandruff removal; for removing itchs and edemas from stings, repellent for moth and gnats.

Main areas: 

as a wild plant melissa is growing in the southern regions throughout Europe, in the Crimea, the Caucasus, as well as in Central Asia. As essential oil and spicy plant melissa is cultivated in Italy, France, the Balkan countries, North America, Crimea.

Properties of oil: 

light, fluid liquid of a pale yellow color with a slight lemon scent. 


sedative and bracing for CNS, tonic for vegetative nervous system; antistress, antidepressant, activates mental work, improves intracerebral blood flow; styptic, wound-healing, improves lymph and blood flow in tissues, tonicizes vessels work, favors muscles and ligaments strengthening, regulates metabolic processes, anti-oxidant, immunostimulant, soft antiallergic; antiseptic, bactericidal, antiviral, antifungal; spasmolytic, analgetic, anti-inflammatory, antifever, antirheumatic, decongestant; soft hypotensive, cardiotonic, improves coronary blood flow, antiarrhythmic; stimulates work of respiratory center, improves sputum expectoration; favors reduction of appetite and weight, improves work ofof gastrointestinal tract, normalizes work of stomach with low acidity and enzyme deficiency, soft cholagogue, carminative, antihelminthic; diuretic; normalizes menstrual cycle, stimulates lactation; anticellulite action, normalizes secretion sweat and sebaceous glands, animates and deodorizes combine and oily skin; strengthenes hair, removes dandruff; deodorant preparation; repellent.

Blends with pther oils: 

basil oil, geranium oil, jasmine oil, ylang-ylang oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, laurel oil, frankincense oil, marjoram oil, myrtle oil, juniper oil, neroli oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, cammomile oil.

Ways of using, dosage:

in herpes undiluted essential oil may be applied directly to the affected areas.
common massage, segmental: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
bandage: 4-6 drops per 5 ml of vegetable base oil;
cosmetics enrichment: 2-4 drops per 10 grams of base (cream, shampoo, gel, liquid soap, etc.).
vaporization in aroma lamp 4-6 drops per 15 m2;
common aroma bath: 3-5 drops of emulsified oil per bath(essential oil may be emulsified in milk, salt etc);


do not use in first four months pregnancy; do not use more than 2 weeks in a row; may not be used for inhalations; do not use while heat; may cause irritation of sensitive skin;


essential oils are stored in tightly closed dark glass bottles in indoor temperature in place inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

Volume: 5ml, 10ml

Manufacturer: Aromatika, Ukraine

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