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Vanilla Essential Oil, Aromatika

Obtained by:

by extraction of pods of Vanilla planifolia (L.). 


is used for aromatherapy and enrichment of cosmetics. Recommended for moisturizing, softening, nutrition, recovery of skin elasticity, for eliminating oily sheen of skin; as a sedative and irritability remedy. Increases efficiency, helps concentration, gives confidence.

Origin of plant: 

birthplace of vanilla is considered to be Central America and the territory of modern Mexico. 

Main areas: 

naturally it grows in tropical rain forests of Central America, Mexico, the Antilles and the Caribbean.

Recommended for treatment: 

antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, relaxing, antidepressive remedy.

Vanilla oil is an excellent sedative remedy, has a very strong relaxing effect not only on the body but also on the soul. Sweet and warm aroma of vanilla absolute helps to handle with stress, anger, rage and emotional stress. Contributes to good mood, cheerful, creativity, development of intuition and imagination, gives self-confidence andabilities. Gives energy, increases efficiency and eliminates tiredness. Is effective against insomnia, neurasthenia, melancholy. 

Blend with other oils: 

anise oil, benzoin oil, vetiver oil, jasmine oil, ginger oil, rosewood oil, santal oil, and with every flower, citrus and wood oils. 

Ways of using, dosage:

vaporization in aroma lamp 3-5 drops per 15 m2 ;
hot inhalations: 1-2 drops per 1-2 l of hot water;
cold inhalations: 2-3 drops (into aroma tester or aroma pendant);
common aroma bath: 3-7 drops per bath;
in baths and saunas: 3-5 drops per 500 ml of water;
butyral compress: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
common massage: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
rubbing: 3-5 drops per 5-10 ml of vegetable base oil;
bandage: 4-5 drops per 5 ml of vegetable base oil;


essential oils are stored in tightly closed dark glass bottles in indoor temperature in place inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

Volume: 2,5ml, 5ml, 10ml

Manufacturer: Aromatika, Ukraine

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