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Lemongrass Essential Oil, Aromatika


strong, sharp, fresh, sweet, grassy-lemon smell with shade of fresh earth. 


obtained by using hydrodistillation method from elevated grass parts of lemongrass. Lemongrass is fast-growing perennial herb with a strong rootage of family Poaceae, reaching up to one and a half meters. It cultivates at India, Indonesia, Africa, Seychelles and South America.

Recommended for treatment: 

giddiness, fainting, headache ; viral respiratory infections, flu; in tracheitises, bronchitis; bronchial asthma; stomatitises, gingivitises, parodontosises, unpleasant mouth odor; myositis, muscular pains, in injuries, sprain of ligaments and tendons, for muscles training before physical activities; for capillaries fortification, in vasospasm of limbs; for management of festering wounds and mycotic lesions; acne and herpetic skin eruption; eczemas, allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis; for insects repelling, including  gnats and mosquitoes.

Origin of plant: 

Sri-Lanka, India. 

Main areas: 

is cultivated in India, Indochina and other tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Central America, Madagascar, Haiti, Comoros, as well as in Singapore, Cambodia, Ceylon.

Properties of oil: 

mobile liquid of yellow or reddish-brown color with a strong lemon scent with a grassy shade.


refreshes, eliminates sense of tiredness and loss of vital tone. Stimulates to focus attention, optimizes mental activity, memorization ability, adapts to the environmental conditions. Great antibacterial agent used by enriching cosmetics in skin diseases. Makes headache easier. By using cold inhalations and room aromatization cuts short upper airways diseases, asthma, bronchitis, scares away insects.

Blends with other oils: 

basil oil, jasmine oil, coriander oil, lavender oil, juniper oil, neroli oil, niaouli oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, rosewood oil. 

Ways of using, dosage:

massage: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
cosmetics enrichment: 2-5 drops per 10 grams of base (cream, shampoo, gel, liquid soap, etc.)
water rinsing: 3-5 drops per 200 ml of warm water;
aroma bath: 3-5 drops of emulsified essential oil per bath;


do not use in first four months of pregnancy; do not use for children up to 5 years, then procedures is performed due to age dosages; do not use in hypertonic; may cause irritation of sensitive skin, the test for sensitivity should be taken before using of essential oil.  


essential oils are stored in tightly closed dark glass bottles in indoor temperature in place inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

Volume: 5ml, 10ml

Manufacturer: Aromatika, Ukraine