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Oregano Essential Oil, Aromatika

Aroma: grassy with a hint of wood, warm, fresh, spicy, a few tart, a few camphor.

Obtained by: origanum essential oil is obtained from aerial part of perennial herbaceous plant Common origanum (Origanum vulgare L.) of Labiatae family by using method of steam distillation. 

Characteristics: antidepressant, sedative; antiallergic; antiseptic, antibacterial; antiviral; antifungal; anti-inflammatory, analgetic, spasmolytic; hypotensive, antisclerotic, styptic; antitussive, converts dry nonproductive cough to productive cough, broncholytic, expectorant; stimulates appetite and secretory function and peristalsis of digestive tract, antihelminthic, normalizes lipid metabolism, helps with weight reduction; soft cholagogue and diuretic; normalizes generation of sex hormones, stimulates menstruation and lactation; increases processes of angenesis, anticellulite; antipediculotic; diaphoretic; repellent action.

Recommended for treatment: states of nervousness, irritability, hastiness, fears, neurosis; in headache, migraine, neurocirculatory dystonia of the mixed type; in sleeplessness, prevention of atherosclerosis development; in vegeto-vascular dystonias of hypertensive and mixed types, viral respiratory infections, flu; in tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, multiple bronchiectasis, whooping cough, appetite impairment, hiccough, eructation, in low acidity and anacidity, to increase fermentation activity of gastrointestinal tract, in spasms and bowel atony, constipations, meteorism, cholecystitis and cholangitis, in gallbladder dyskinesia and biliary dyskinesia with supertension, articular pains, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis; disturbance of menstrual cycle – delay of menstruation and painful menstruation; in climacterical syndrome; asstyptic after labors; to increase lactation; pyodermas, furunculosis, dry eczemas, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis; in herpetic rash; dermatomycoses and mucous lesions, cellulite.

Origin of plant: 
Southern Europe, the Mediterranean.

Main areas: 
is growing throughout Europe. Is cultivated in Europe, Asia and America.

Properties of oil: 
pale yellow eventually brownish-yellow liquid with a strong aromatica few tart smell and sharp spicy taste.

Blend with other oils: 
с маслами лаванды, эвкалипта, сосны, розмарина, кедра, бергамота, базилика, герани, тимьяна, фенхеля, лемонграса, мирта, грейпфрута, апельсина.

Ways of using, dosage:
common massage, segmental: 1-2 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
cosmetics enrichment: 2-3 drops of essential oil per 15 ml of base.
vaporization in aroma lamp: 5-7 drops per 15 m2;
in baths and saunas: 1-2 drops of emulsified oil;
hot inhalations: 2-3 drops to 1-2 litres of hot water;
cold inhalations: 2-4 drops into aroma pendant;


possible photosensitization – don’t apply on skin less than 60 minutes before sunbathing.

Storage: essential oils are stored in tightly closed dark glass bottles in indoor temperature in place inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

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