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Jasmine Essential Oil, Aromatika


typical for flowering jasmine, intense, elegant, gentle, sweet, honey, with floral tones and tones of fresh herbs, exotic, a little bit heady.

Obtained by: 

jasmine essential oil is obtained from flower of evergreen shrubs of common jasmin (Jasminum officinalis L.) of Oleaceae family by using method of organic solvent extraction with further hydrodistillation.


sedative, bracing, antidepressant; antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgetic, spasmolytic; hypotensive; expectorant; stimulates blood circulation in small pelvis organs; harmonizes endocrine glands function, stimulates production of male and female sex hormones, normalizes woman’s menstrual cycle, raises uterine tone, stimulates labors, raises lactation, strong erotic and sexual stimulant; eliminates dryness, irritation and hypersensibility of skin.

Recommended for treatment: 

physical and mental overloads, apathy, pessimism, depression, neurasthenia, anxiety, fears, stresses, sleep disturbance; vegeto-vascular dystonias of hypertensive type, essential hypertension; hoarseness, laryngitis, pharyngitis;cough, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia; osteochondrosis, articular pains, neuralgia, myalgia; woman’s hormonal impairment, full-blown premenstrual syndrome, painful and irregular menstruations; climacterical syndrome; in inflammatory processes of woman’s sexual sphere; for stimulation uterine contractions; to increase lactation; increasing male and female sexual function, in impotence and frigidity; dry eczemas, nonspecific and allergic dermatitis; to care of thin, dry, hypersensitive and inflamed skin, in skin fissures.

Origin of plant: 

India, the Himalayas, Kashmir region.

Main areas: 

are grown in Southern Europe, North Africa, Egypt, India.

Properties of oil: 

waxy mass of yellow-red or red-brown color with a strong smell of jasmine; rather viscous clear liquid of dark yellow or yellow-brown color with a strong odor characteristic forfresh jasmine flowers.

Blend with other oils: 

lemon oil, lime oil, neroli oil, orange oil, bergamot oil, mandarine oil, frankincense oil, melissa oil, geranium oil, rose oil, palmarosa oil, rosewood oil, santal oil. 

vaporization in aroma lamp: 2-3 drops per 15 m2;
common massage, segmental: 2-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
cosmetics enrichment: 2-3 drops per 10 grams of base (cream, shampoo, gel, liquid soap, etc.).
rubbing: 2-5 drops per 5-10 ml of vegetable base oil;
bandage: 3-4 drops per 5 ml of vegetable base oil;


do not use in pregnancy; use with care for persons with inclination to arterial pressure lowering.


essential oils are stored in tightly closed dark glass bottles in indoor temperature in place inaccessible to children. Protect from light.

Volume: 5ml, 10ml

Manufacturer: Aromatika, Ukraine

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