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Manufacturer: Elixir

Warming Pepper Perforated Patch 12cm x 15cm 

Pepper patch for local pain reduction provides a soft deep heat. It irritates the skin receptors, increases blood circulation.

Promotes rapid recovery. It is used for cold-related diseases, rheumatic pain, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, strais.


pepper extract, belladonna extract, camphor, auxiliary substances are applied on a cotton base.

Storage conditions:

store in a dry place at temperatures from +5 to +30

Shelf life: on the packaging. Do not use after the expiration date.

How to use:

open the package, remove the protective film, stick the patch on a dry and clean skin. The effect of the pepper patch is 12-24 hours. After that, remove the adhesive tape.

Contraindications: individual skin sensitivity.

Do not use the product in case of irritation.

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