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Cooling Gel Cream for Heavy and Tired Legs

Menthol has a cooling and refreshing effect, removes the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs.
Sage has anti-inflammatory effect.
Juniper Oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, improves blood circulation, has analgesic effect.


It relieves muscle tension, relieves pain and heaviness in the legs, improves blood circulation, has a cooling effect.

How to use:

Apply to the problem area, gently rub, apply 2 - 4 times a day. 4 weeks treatment.

Active ingredients:

Extracts of sage, thyme, yarrow, eucalyptus, nettle, gout, ground mace, calendula; linseed oil, menthol, juniper oil, sage oil, vitamin C.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of ingredients.

Shelf life: 24 months. Date of production 12-2016

Volume: 75 ml 

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