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Manufacturer: Aromatika

Baobab Oil, Aromatika

100 % pure & natural 

Baobab oil has many healing and therapeutic properties. Moisturizes the skin. Promotes skin cell rejuvenation. Promotes wound healing. Prevents the skin from free radical damage. Soothes the skin.

Recommended for normal, mature and sensitive skin. Besides being a wonderful moisturizer, baobab oil may be used as a natural skin cleanser for clearer skin. Because oil dissolves oil, cleaning with baobab won't leave your skin oily or greasy. Simply massage the oil into your face and neck and rinse afterwards.

Due to the oil's ability to stimulate collagen and preserve skin elasticity, stretch marks may be prevented and reduced during and after pregnancy.

Baobab hot oil treatments help to restore dry and dull hair. Baobab oil also makes a wonderful hair and scalp moisturizer that absorbs deeply into the hair follicles. Helps to treat dandruff and itchy scalp when the scalp is overly dry. Regular treatments of baobab oil gives the hair a healthy shine, prevent dryness and makes thin hair look more full.


50 ml 

Shelf life:

24 months

Manufacturer: Aromatika, Ukraine