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Badyaga Powder, Spongilla

Made of freshwater sponges badyaga (spongilla) representing colony intestinal hollow animals - Spongilla lacustris fragilis, Ephydatia fliviatilis.

Spongilla lives only in extremely pure freshwater with running water and at certain temperatures.

Badyaga skeleton consists of a looped network of silica needles, interconnected organic matter - spongin. It also includes phosphates, carbonates, and organic substances.

Badyaga’s  action is based on mechanical stimulation of the skin due to containing flint needles.

By activating the blood supply of skin cells, the body spasm normalizes their nutrition, helps reduce pain, improves the functional state of the skin. It is recommended for radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatic and neuralgic pains, bruises, cosmetic skin care. 

Effectively used for:

acne, scars, skin discoloration, bruises, arthritis, radiculitis, rheumatism.

How to use:

1. Mask: mix the powder in the ratio of 1: 4 with water and apply it to affected area. Wash for 15-20 minutes with water. Apply 1-2 times a week.
2. Peeling: mix the powder in the ratio of 1: 4 with water and put on affected area and gently massage the skin. After 10 minutes, wash with water. Use once a week.
3. Compresses: mix one part of the powder with 3 parts of the base oil and put on affected area, then cover with compressive paper and wrap with a warm blanket. After 20-30 minutes, rinse with water.


During use there is a thermal effect and local redness of the skin, which is a normal reaction.

Do not use on vascular, dry skin and scaly skin.

Store away from direct light, at a temperature of 5° C to 25° C, relative humidity of 75%.

Product: 5g

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