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Avocado Oil

100 % pure & natural 


Persea Gratissima Oil


20, 50, 100 ml 

This is an edible oil pressed from the fruit of the Persea americana (avocado). It is used as food oil and in cosmetics. Unrefined avocado oil retains the greenish colour and nutty flavour of the fruit flesh, while refined oil is yellow and odourless. Extra virgin avocado oil has a deep emerald green colour due to the high chlorophyll content.

Composition (useful substances)

Avocado oil is widely used as a cosmetic product due to its very high skin penetration. It has a similar monounsaturated fat profile to olive oil but is better absorbed by skin. Avocado oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid, alpha linolenic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid), lecithin, phytosterols, vitamins A, B, D, E, H and K, chlorophyll and a number of minerals.

Properties and application

Avocado oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. It helps to regulate prostaglandin metabolism. The oil can be used both for daily skin and/or hair care and as a remedy designed to solve a wide range of common skin and hair problems.

Avocado oil is an effective cellulite remedy, it can be used to cure rashes, eczema, various inflammations and pathological skin dryness. Besides, this oil has a rejuvenating effect thus it is especially useful for mature and ageing skin.

Avocado oil is widely used for hair care, too. For example, it helps to repair the hair structure damaged by dyeing, perm or hot styling. As a nail care product, avocado oil accelerates nail growth, strengthens the nails and relieves cuticle inflammation.


Can be applied in a pure form, combined with other vegetable and/or essential oils or added to ready-made cosmetic products.

Shelf life:

24 months