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Manufacturer: Aromatika

Aloe Face Bio-cellulose Mask, 35g Aromatika

Aloe Face Mask is a bio-cellulose facial mask with a lifting effect enriched with aloe vera extract, sea algae extract and vitamin A. The product can be used both in beauty parlours and as an at-home skin treatment.

The composition of the mask includes thoroughly selected ingredients combined to provide maximum effect. The product is formulated with hydrolysed vegetable protein, natural aloe vera extract, algae extract and vitamin A.

Hydrolysed vegetable protein contained in the mask instantly hydrates your skin. It also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin cells. These two proteins are responsible for skin elasticity. As a result, the mask helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration, smooths out fine lines and reduces skin pore size.

Vitamin A and algae extract prevent premature skin ageing, stimulate skin regeneration, have a softening and moisturising effect. Aloe vera extract speeds up the healing of minor skin injuries, unclogs and cleanses the pores, has a rejuvenating effect and protects the skin from UV radiation.

Thus, this Aromatica face mask with aloe extract helps to quickly restore skin elasticity, cope with puffiness and improve complexion. It is also indispensable when you need to moisturise your skin and prevent its dehydration.

Suitable for all skin types.


Cleanse your face before applying. Take the mask out of the sachet and unfold it. Carefully put the mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask and rinse your face with cool water. Each mask can be used only once. Repeat the procedure once or twice a week.

Ingredients INCI

Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Vitamin A, Algae Extract, Aloe Extract.